Termite Swarmers


Termites 101: Swarmers


April showers bring May flowers! And… Termites? 


Yes, these winged insects emerge en masse from mature termite colonies during the warm, humid conditions of post-spring rains. Swarming termites, also known as flying termites, are a crucial aspect of the termite life cycle and play a significant role in the production of new termite colonies. When the time is just right, these pests swarm, embarking on a brief but critical mating flight wherein after they will land, shed their wings, and begin their bothersome reign as king and queen.


As a consequence of this incredible act of nature, it is estimated that there can be up to 14 termite colonies per acre of land in North Carolina, making the average home at risk of being settled above three or four colonies. That can mean millions and millions of termites foraging around your home. Unfortunately, that means for most homeowners, it’s only a matter of time before they encounter these termites themselves. 


Thankfully, KIND offers the Sentricon solution to your termite problem. We offer a free termite inspection with every bait station termite protection service. The Sentricon system not only protects your home from termites but will eliminate the termite colonies living just under your feet! If you’d like to find your peace of mind, give us a call at 919-568-5113 and ask about Sentricon to protect your home from the springtime swarms!



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