Carpet Beetles in NC


You may have seen those small, pesky, round beetles in your carpet, around window seals, or even in your clothing. Although they are not harmful to humans, carpet beetles can certainly be a nuisance. As we approach spring weather, here are some helpful tips to ensure you keep carpet beetles from getting in! 

  • Exclusion

The best way to keep carpet beetles out of your home is to seal up any potential entry points, including window seals. Think of all the ways a carpet beetle can enter your home; basement, doors, windows, cracks or crevices around the home, walls, and floors (specifically for crawlspace homes). You can use standard caulk from your local home improvement store. 

  • Spring Cleaning

Getting carpet beetles out of your carpet can be as simple as vacuuming them up, but they don’t always reside where you find them. It is important to clean out closets and vacuum under and behind furniture sitting on carpeted areas. Additionally, get rid of any clothing items piled on the floor to ensure carpet beetles aren’t nesting there. 

  • Hire a Pest Professional

This is the easiest way to get rid of and prevent carpet beetles! It requires minimal effort on your part – just give Kind Pest Control in Raleigh, NC a call and we will come treat for you! Not only will we take care of any existing problems, our products will provide you with peace of mind that we will keep those carpet beetles at bay! 

Are you experiencing carpet beetles in your home?

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