Raleigh North Carolina Termite Inspection what to expect

What To Expect: Termite Inspection

There are many reasons families in the Raleigh area are scheduling termite inspections. Some reasons include: buying or selling a home, refinancing a home, suspected termite activity, and just for peace of mind. No matter your reason, we are here to provide the people of Raleigh with pest control, and that includes termite inspections and protection! 

When scheduling a termite inspection, our office staff will ensure we schedule a termite specialist for a day and time that works best for you. To provide an accurate termite inspection, our specialist will need access to the interior of your home, therefore, we will need a homeowner present during the inspection. 

When our termite specialist arrives, he or she will inspect the exterior of your home for current termite activity. When the exterior inspection is complete, they will then inspect the crawl space (where applicable). Then, the termite specialist will complete the interior inspection, looking at window sills, baseboards, and other known termite activity locations. 

Upon completion of the termite inspection, our termite specialist will let you know of their findings, or the lack thereof. Regardless of the outcome of the inspection, you can count on Kind Pest Control to provide you with the best service possible to take care of your home and protect you from termite damage! 

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