Winter Exclusion

Winter Exclusion Service

Why is pest control beneficial to have in the winter months? What service is provided? If I don’t see bugs, why are you spraying for them? 

These are some frequently asked questions regarding our winter quarterly service that we are happy to answer!

During the cold weather months, we provide our winter exclusion service. This service focuses on inspecting the home to look for potential pest entry points, reapplying a barrier treatment, and treating any current rodent issues. 

Our main concern during this time is keeping pests out of your home. Many pests are looking for a warm place to over winter, and we want to ensure that your home is not on the market for them! This is why we begin our service with an inspection. If our technician finds a potential entry point for pests, we will recommend exclusion. Many entry points can easily be sealed with materials found at your local home improvement store. 

There are some entry points that may not be visible to our technicians at time of service, but we will reapply your exterior barrier treatment to ensure that if small pests, such as spiders or ants, get into your home they won’t be there for long! Additionally, applying our product in the winter will keep potential spring-time pests to a minimum. 

If our technicians do spot a current rodent infestation, we will inspect and offer a treatment plan. Many homes in the Raleigh and surrounding Triangle area will experience mice in the attic or basement during winter. This is because the mice have entered your home and found a warm place, safe space for nesting. That’s where we come in! We will be sure to get rid of any current mice or rat infestation and help keep your home rodent free! 

Give us a call to experience the Kind difference and keep your home pest free this winter!

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