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Garden Spider

Garden Spider

The Garden Spider is a common spider found in North Carolina, including the Raleigh and Triangle area. Belonging to the Orb-weaver group of spiders, the Garden Spider is known for its beautifully-spun, orb-shaped web as well as their black and yellow color. They are mostly found in gardens or lawns. Rarely will you see a Garden Spider indoors, but if you do, they are there by mistake. 

Garden Spiders, like most spiders, feed on insects they catch in their webs. They do produce a venom that keeps their prey still so they can prepare their meal. Although the Garden Spider does produce venom, it is not enough to be harmful to humans or pets. The Garden Spider will set up camp where food source is found. Therefore, if you have many insects attracted to your front porch, you may also find a Garden Spider web there. 

Garden Spiders are helpful in keeping the population of other insects down. However, we at Kind Pest know that spiders aren’t always welcome in or around your Raleigh home. That’s why we web dust and apply a residual product with every quarterly service. Orb-weaver spiders, including the Garden Spider, are covered in your quarterly service guarantee. If you happen to see one after service has been completed, give us a call, and we will send a technician free of charge to take care of it for you. 

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