quarterly pest control services in North Carolina

Why Quarterly Pest Control Services?

Why Quarterly Pest Control Services?

At Kind Pest Control, we provide pest control services on a quarterly basis. Some customers wonder why we come out every 3 months. The answer is simple – to keep your home protected from pests year-round! 

Year-round Protection

Through the seasons, we see different pests in different quantities. Though some of the seasonal pests are flying insects, therefore not covered in our guarantee, our products will help decrease the number of these particular insects nesting on your property. Springtime brings many pests out of their nesting sites, such as ants and aphids. During summertime, we see quite an increase in ants and wasps. When the weather starts cooling down into fall, we typically see more seasonal pests such as asian lady beetles and stink bugs. Winter brings the pests indoors as they are looking for warmth, including rodents and spiders.

Residual Products

The products we use to keep your home pest-free are what we call residual products. We use residual products around the foundation, entryways, and windows to ensure that any insect trying to enter your home will track through the product. Even if the insect makes it inside, it won’t be there for long! Residual products are long-lasting, but they do require reapplication every 3 months to remain active. Not to worry, our products are always people-friendly and pet-friendly! 

Free, Unlimited Reservices! 

We stand behind our products and techniques! That’s why we offer our reservice guarantee. If you are noticing pest activity between services, let us know, and we will send a technician to retreat free of charge! To receive these free, unlimited reservices, you do have to be on a quarterly rotation due to the aforementioned. 

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We are currently providing pest control services in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Zebulon, Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex, and other surrounding areas in North Carolina.