exterminators for black widow and wolf spiders in North Carolina


There are thousands of species of spiders in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. They all come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. This helps with the identification of the different species. We will cover a few species of spiders here: black widow spiders, wolf spiders, and cellar spiders. These are the most common spiders we see around homes in the Raleigh and Wake Forest area. 

Black Widow

The black widow spider is black with a red hourglass shape on the torso. It is more common to see these spiders outside the home, typically in a dark area such as under the deck, inside playhouses, in and around brush piles, etc. A black widow’s bite is venomous, so it is important to have prevention methods in place. 

Our technicians will walk the perimeter of your home to look for pests such as these on every quarterly service, including the initial treatment. The products we use are a great defense against black widow spiders! 

Wolf Spider

The wolf spider is typically large in size and dark in color. They are hairy and scary! They are one of few spiders that don’t actually spin a web. They catch their prey by hunting and chasing, like a wolf. If you find this spider in your home, you will typically see them in a basement, garage, or other dark places. 

How can you prevent these scary spiders from entering your home? You need good coverage around the foundation of your home! Our technicians create a barrier by power spray application to ensure our product is getting into any cracks or crevices to keep these pests out.

Cellar Spider

The cellar spider got its name from the habitat it prefers. We typically see cellar spiders in moist environments, such as a cellar. Since cellars aren’t as popular in this day and age, you will typically find them in the corners of your bathroom, around window sills, or in the corners of your garage or basement. These spiders have long legs and thin bodies. They actually prey on other spiders, so they are more of a friend than a nuisance. However, most of our North Carolina customers don’t consider any creepy-crawly a “friend”, so we are here to help! 

Our technicians are happy to provide interior services free of charge with any quarterly service to take care of your cellar spider infestation. Additionally, our exterior service will prevent another infestation from occurring. 

No matter what type of spider you are seeing, at Kind Pest Control, we are ready and willing to help! 

We are currently providing spider control services in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Zebulon, Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex, and other surrounding areas in North Carolina.

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