Fleas in North Carolina


Fleas in North Carolina

Fleas are a nuisance all throughout the year for us and our four-legged friends. With a very high reproduction rate, fleas can invade a property within days. For humans, they cannot latch onto our skin because we do not have the kind of fur that common “hosts” may have for fleas. These hosts range from cats, dogs, opossums, rats, foxes, raccoons, and more. Though the fleas found in North Carolina rarely cause diseases, their bite can cause irritation that, if not taken care of, can turn into rashes and infections for our furry friends. That’s reason enough to get your home protected from fleas.


A female flea’s reproduction rate is about 40-50 larvae in one day. A flea’s lifespan is about 50 days. So, a female can produce almost 2,000 eggs within her lifetime. That is thousands of new fleas on your property a week! With this many fleas around your home, it can be difficult to get every single flea off of your loved ones. Being blood feeders, they will latch onto the host for their entire 50-day lifetime growing stronger each day.

Fleas feast at night. That’s why you might not see your pet’s irritation until it might be too late. If your pet has longer hair, it could be even harder to see these tiny fleas. When you do, there are many ways to get the fleas off of your affected pet. But how do you get them away from your home and lawn?


That’s where we come in! When fleas are waiting to latch onto a host, they will be in areas of thick grass. That’s why we treat your grass for fleas every visit! We want your pet to be protected as much as you do. We offer many services to eliminate fleas from your home. With proper care and service, you can let your pet out stress-free and pest-free!

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