Have you ever wondered why earwigs are only found in your bathroom, kitchen, or basement? It may be disconcerting, but earwigs prefer cold, damp places for their nesting grounds. Most likely, they will burrow in the ground during the colder months, but few find their way into the home and hibernate within the warmer walls of the home. That is when you find them crawling around your bathroom and kitchen. They’re definitely not easy to look at!

Earwigs have pincers that look like tweezers at the end of their abdomen that they use to catch prey. Interestingly enough, the male’s pincers are curved while the female’s are straight. Though they are not venomous, they can leave a nasty  pinch on your finger as a defense if you attempt to pick one up. Another defense mechanism is that it can leave a yellow-brown liquid as a way to deter enemies. This liquid is foul-smelling, but completely harmless.

These insects eat bugs and vegetation. While they prefer the inside of a home, they will also nest in vegetation, leaves, or piles of wood. Fortunately, earwig control is very easy! It can be as simple as clearing up any leftover vegetation piles or leaf piles, or simply calling a pest control professional!

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