Little Black Ants

A common household pest that is seen in North Carolina homes is the little black ant. The “little black ant” or “sugar ant” measures only 1/16 inches long, and can cause quite a havoc on homes. Though they are very small, they are quite dominant and aggressive. 

Little black ants often search after honeydew as their primary source of food. That is why they are rarely found indoors. They are mostly found outside, and when honeydew isn’t available, they will search after dead insects, fruit, fungi, and garbage. When you do see these black ants in your home, it’s the “scouts” looking for food for the rest of the colony. Like most ants, they build their nests in yards and keep building the nest. Typically, their nests will be bigger and stronger when found underneath items like firewood, branches, or bushes.

If you find a trail of little black ants in your home, you can usually follow these ants back to the colony. Once the colony is disturbed, it most likely will migrate to a new area, but not far from their old colony. Though you don’t need to worry about these ants biting or spreading diseases, their presence can be a nuisance! 

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