Clover Mites

Have you ever seen tiny, red insects around your windows in the winter? They are extremely small like ticks, but their behavior is far from ticks. While they are not a threat to humans, animals, or structures, they are common house pests that find their way into many homes in the colder months. 

Clover mites feed on plants. They can eat over 200 species of plants and flowers (pestworld). Being so small, their eating habits rarely cause any noticeable damage to outdoor or indoor plants. However, they are considered pests because they are known to invade homes during the colder months.  

If you see these little red bugs in your home, it might be your first instinct to crush them as soon as you see them. However, to refrain from staining your carpet, rugs, or wallpaper, it’s better to take care of these bugs by vacuuming or through a pest control professional! These bugs leave a red stain on any surface that they are crushed on. 

To help keep your home clover mite-free, try sealing up any window or door cracks, even if they are small cracks. They will find their way into the home very quickly if there are any openings. Another way to keep clover mites from coming into the home is to keep any vegetation or plants away from windows or doors. 

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