Mice are some of the most common house pests you’ll find in the winter. Just like us, they look for warm places to hide to stay away from the cold. They’re very good at hiding and incredibly fast. When you do find one in the home, you want to be sure there isn’t a nest nearby full of dozens more, because, although cute, mice can be a disease-carrying nuisance. 

The nests that mice make are commonly found to have scraps of clothing, paper, cardboard, and other paper-like products found around the home. With female mice having at least five litters each year, you might find hundreds of mice the longer the problem persists. Mice are usually found in “hard-to-reach” areas with some of the most common places being the attic and within the walls. 

What do you do if you see a scurrying mouse? If you see one mouse, you most likely will have a nest nearby. It’s important to get a thorough inspection. Some of the best preventions for mice include snap traps, sticky traps, and mice bait. The bait is the most effective because it can take care of a bigger population of mice, and better protect your home from diseases that mice carry including “salmonella, hantavirus, and forms of meningitis” (pests.org). Just like ants, spiders, and other common house pests, mice use pheromones to communicate. So, if you can’t find the nest, it’s important to disrupt any trail that you think the mice have left for other mice so that they cannot communicate as well. This will help prevent any further damage from mice.

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