Ladybug Season


Ladybug season is here! Ladybugs are NOT harmful but they are a huge pest during the Winter season. During the Winter Ladybugs will hibernate on the warm side of trees, and buildings such as your home and if they find a hole, they will hibernate inside. Throughout the year, you can find them on plants and shrubs, in fields and gardens, even on beaches, and all around your home. Ladybugs are predators to the aphids and seek out crop damaging pests. Adult Ladybugs even feed on nectar, pollen, fungi, and honeydew. Predators that hunt the Ladybug are birds and spiders. The Ladybug does have some defense mechanisms such as- they taste really bad and release a very foul odor. Sometimes, Ladybugs even play dead! Fun Facts About Lady Bugs:
  • Scientific Name: Coccinellidae
  • Common Names: Ladybird, Ladybird Beetle, Lady Beetle.
  • Ladybugs grow to the size of about .04 inches.
  • Have dome-shaped bodies.
  • Not a bug but a Beetle!
  • Despite their name, Ladybugs are not all female.
  • Average life span= 1 year.
  • Found worldwide.
  • More than 5,000 species with many on the “missing” list.
  • Ladybugs have two sets on wings. They use their hind wings for flying and their forewings are used as cover.


“You can tell a Ladybugs age by the number of spots on their back.”


The number of spots help to identify the species on Ladybug.

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